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Fraud Management – Porta Payments

Fraud Management

Improve control of fraud while maintaining your sales.

Porta Payments uses an advanced system for analyzing your customer’s purchasing behaviour. We have internal business rules and policies for velocity checks, geographic controls, customer control (e-mails, IP addresses, usernames and passwords), but we also use external advanced anti-fraud systems, social media check and global blacklists.

3-D Secure™ services provide Internet merchants with the ability to verify their customers’ true identities through a secure, electronic, non ‘face-to-face’ authentication process.

Porta Payments´s integrated 3D Secure service is ideal for preventing chargebacks. Our solution allows merchants to process 3-D Secure™ transactions though Verified by Visa and MasterCard®SecureCode™.

This technology was designed by the Card Associations to provide Acquiring banks, and their merchants, with protection from fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and unauthorized payments made on an eCommerce website. Payer Authentication enables all parties in an eCommerce payment transaction to transmit confidential, and valid payment data, and provides verification to the merchant that the buyer is the authorized owner of a particular card account.

The most compelling benefit of Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™ programs for Acquiring banks, and their merchants, is immediate protection from fraud-related chargebacks.

These often result from card number theft, card skimming, card phishing and counterfeit number generation. Without such protection Acquiring banks, and their merchants, will lose revenue, and incur costs associated with retrieval fees, chargebacks, and administrative fees. Both Visa and MasterCard have implemented chargeback liability shift for these “I didn’t do it” chargebacks when the transaction is authenticated through Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode™.

It is important to mention, that regarding chargeback liability shift, not ALL chargeback reason codes qualify for immediate representment. It is only certain Reason Codes that qualifies and these vary from Region to Region. The primary codes including MasterCard RC 4837 and 4863 (“Cardholder Not Authorized” and “Cardholder Not Recognized”) and VISA’s RC 23 and 83 constitute more than 70% of all ecommerce related disputed transactions, so the liability shift at minimum protects the largest percentage chargeback risk codes.

There some exceptions to this however, including commercial cards, anonymous prepaid cards, and new channels. Transactions that fall into these categories are not eligible for liability shift with VISA.

Chargeback liability shift is important with ‘inter-regional’ transactions where the merchant resides in one jurisdiction and the cardholder in another. Since most Internet based transactions are global, this is a very important consideration.

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Our aim is to continue to provide services that are firmly established in the market based on the latest technology. Porta Payments takes an offensive role in the market by offering daily payouts, anti-fraud insurance and highly competitive processing prices.


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