Porta Payments Pricing

We have the most competitive pricing for a merchant account!

Porta Payments offers webmasters to sign up for card clearing for as low as 7,95%. We pay you daily, weekly or monthly.

Large merchants with high volumes can take advantage of the cash flow with daily payouts, while small merchants can choose to use weekly or monthly payouts.

Large merchants with high volumes can take advantage of the cash flow with daily payouts, while small merchants can choose to use weekly or monthly payouts to save on wire/check fees!

Porta Payment is a third party billing solution, this means that you do not need a merchant account. The only fee you pay is our processing fee at 4.9%. This is not just a payment gateway, this is a full clearing solution!

Service Fees

These are Porta Payments´s current service fees as per 31. May 2017.

Bank Processing Fee – For Credit/Debit Cards issued within EU

Bank Processing Fee – For Credit/Debit Cards issued outside EU

Other Bank Fees

Gateway Fees

*) The credit card companies are requiring annual registration fees for merchant registrations. Porta Payment pays card scheme registration fees for all clients.

**) Due to new regulations from the card schemes we have added this content control service to all account. This fee is per site and per month.

Payout cycle:
We pay you Weekly or Monthly. We can also send payouts at a certain floor limit set by you from €/$ 100.

Cost Calculation:
Please click here to calculate how much you should save by switching to Porta Payment!


This is the rate you pay for card processing without any addon services (see below). Some addon services are extra.

Rates per 31th of May 2017

Porta Payment Payouts

Our Payout Methods

Porta Payments collects all billing revenue on your behalf and disburses these funds, minus our fees, to you daily, weekly or monthly but staggered 14 days. This means that you have to process for two weeks before you get your first payout, then it will come to you daily. You will always have a deposited balance for 14 days until the account is closed. Processing charges, chargebacks and refunds are deducted from this reserve.

Large Merchants will have the possibility of Next-Day-Payouts after a proven credit history.

ACH / Wire Transfer

Direct bank to bank transfer

Direct to any international bank account -or- US domestic accounts.

USA and Canada ACH Notice
US/CA ACH payments are sent domestic within USA or Canada.

International Wire Notice
Porta Payments currently sends international wires to all countries outside the EU, this means that your bank may charge you an international wire fee at $15 per inbound international wire if you are located outside the EU. Far from all banks charge this extra fee, but please consult your bank if this applies to you. If it does, you may want to set a higher payout floor limit than the default $100.

Signup now for the only real adult payment gateway! No startup fees, Daily Payouts!

Our aim is to continue to provide services that are firmly established in the market based on the latest technology. Porta Payments takes an offensive role in the market by offering daily payouts, anti-fraud insurance and highly competitive processing prices.


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